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Synth comics

Comics for synth geeks! Sweet! Actually most of the jokes are aimed at wives of synth geeks.

Published on: 29 March 2005
Posted by: jlaity
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New Score

I’ve been trying out some new composing and recording techniques to get a more realistic sound for film scoring. I wrote this piece using new software called Sibelius, which shows your parts in notation like you’re writing on a big sheet of paper for orchestra. I saved this file as a MIDI file and brought […]

Published on: 20 March 2005
Posted by: jlaity
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New Phone

I got a really cool new phone, a Treo 650. Not only does it take photos, which is ridiculous enough, but it takes little movies. I guess it’s there for moments in life like this. I was working the first day of the NSCA convention in Orlando, which is the most boring show in the […]

Published on: 10 March 2005
Posted by: jlaity
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