The first component of my modular synth arrived today!

Power One Power Supply

Whoo! Rock and roll!

Actually, this is a pretty serious power supply, giving me 3 amps at ±15V to power dozens of modules. As my first electronics teacher used to say, “If you aint got power, you aint got shit.” Besides stating the obvious, what he was saying is that the power supply is the most crucial component in an electrical circuit. If you don’t have clean power, or the circuit is under-powered, the rest of the circuit suffers. I’m pretty happy with this supply, especially since it only cost me $50 on ebay.

The first thing I did with the power supply was take it to the company’s resident engineer: Mr. Chang, a 60-something Japanese man who is the definition of a thorough engineer. He poured through the documentation, pointed out how it worked, and helped me align the supply without my asking. (Well, I did show up in his lab holding a power supply…) He’s a really nice guy, and is sure to bail me out of trouble if and when my first module doesn’t work.

On another note, I put a few photos in the Studio gallery if you’re curious about my current setup. And my geek wife helped me with my homepage rollovers. Actually, she completely rewrote it while i watched.

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Published on: 25 August 2004
Posted by: jlaity
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