NAB Day 4

Very long, tiring day. The show hours are from 9-6, which feels much longer than the more usual 10-6. Especially since we are jammed with people all day. I felt unfocused all day, running from one guy to the next. It was like working at the mall at Christmas.

I snuck away long enough to check out the new Sony HDV camera. The video looks amazing, hi-def video from that little camera. And there’s already an underwater enclosure for it!

Sony FX1 Housing

Of course, the camera is $2,500 and the housing is $5,000. But next year, the camera will sell for $1,500… and the housing will still be $5,000.

We went to a REALLY LAME German restaurant for dinner. I mean, German food – what the hell? The band was super loud so you couldn’t hear anything but polka, this after a long loud day at the booth. And the menu was nothing but sausage. Weak.

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  1. Ben (reply)

    April 28, 2005 at 12:59 pm

    Ha, ha… so true about those freaking housings…

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Published on: 19 April 2005
Posted by: jlaity
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