Modular is making noise!

The MOTM modular synth is finally passing audio! I’ve successfully built five modules and now have a synth voice. There’s an oscillator that feeds into a filter which feeds into an amplifier. Two envelopes allow me to alter the brightness or volume over time. The sound is unbelievable! I thought I had some synths with bass before, but this blows them all away. I can’t wait for my next batch of modules to arrive so I can start doing some real damage.

More pics of the studio are here if you’re interested.

Synthesizer Pictures

Here’s the first little tune I recorded while playing around with it. All of the sounds are from the modular except for the drum loop (Stylus) and synth string pad (starting at bar 3, Andromeda). Listen on some speakers or headphones with bass, if possible.

Fusion + Funk = Fusunk

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Published on: 20 February 2005
Posted by: jlaity
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