Who’s a Toto Freak?

Last FM Stats

Apparently I am. I just subscribed to Last.fm and it’s displaying my iTunes history for all to see. I find it hard to believe that I’ve listened to that much Toto, maybe the playlist goes up when it’s played by iTunes sharing over a network? And I don’t think I’ve listened to that much Roger O’Donnell, for example.

Then again, the next disc in my Netflix cue is Toto Live, so maybe I am an addict. And who doesn’t like Hydra, or Jake to the Bone, or Taint Your World…

By the by, the whole reason I’m using this service is that it compares your listening history with other users and then recommends music to you. Pretty cool. One day I’ll add their Flash bug to this blog so that all two of you can see what I’m listening to. (Like you know who Synergy is…)

[Edit: I ended up getting rid of it. It was buggy and never suggested anything except for crappy unsigned music on its own server.]

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Published on: 28 June 2007
Posted by: jlaity
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