USC Visit

I went to USC last week as an alumni. One of the several things to make me feel old this month, concluding with my 35th birthday. A few sign-of-the-time moments from driving around the campus:

People on bikes tallking on cellphones. They are everywhere on campus.

The other odd sight was people who wear iPods on armbands. I saw at least three people with these under their shirt sleeves. The new iPods have bright backlights that glow through the t-shirt, so you have people walking around with glowing white boxes under their sleeves and it looked like a science fiction movie prop.

Oh, and in case I didn’t feel old enough, they want me to come back and give a talk at one of their classes. I can only assume they want me to talk about hair loss.

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Published on: 4 November 2005
Posted by: jlaity
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