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Wiring showing the yellow and white normalling cables

Wiring a patchbay and making custom DB25 connectors

I just finished rewiring my studio with custom Mogami DB25 snakes and a TT patchbay. I couldn’t find much information on the web while I was doing this, so hopefully this helps someone out. (Open any of these images in a new tab to see them larger.) A quick note before I go on, you […]

Published on: 6 December 2020
Posted by: jlaity
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New Studio

We doubled the size of my studio. The side wall was knocked down, and we added over 160 square feet. The room sounds much better, and there’s more room for people and musicians. I built a ceiling cloud containing four sheets of 703 fiberglass, which helped the imaging quite a bit. I also added recessed lighting and […]

Published on: 13 March 2016
Posted by: jlaity
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