Music for Television and Film by Jeff Laity

Film Score/Orchestral

Stakeout (2008)
Detectives wait on a busy street for a shady cell phone salesman to close up shop
Foot Chase (2008)
Frenetic action music as feet pound the concrete in pursuit
A Kiss Goodnight (2006)
Romantic music for a first kiss in a leafy London square
Peaceful (2007)
Delicate, dreamy music (inspired by Holst's "Venus")
Difficult Journey (2006)
Dramatic score as the corpse of Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgandy, is discovered on the battlefield
American Fighter Pilot (2005)
Action music to accompany vein-popping jet combat


Things Were Simpler Then (2008)
Scotty sits on a tractor, adjusts his worn baseball cap, and reminisces about growing up on the farm
Chores (2008)
Comedic music to accomany an unpleasant task
Unforgettable Night (2008)
Sexy groove for late-night escapades

Intense Rock

Intense Journey (2008)
Real men prove their worth on the battlefield of life
Dravn (2008)
This hero with an edge is tougher than a rusty chain

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