Canon 5DmkII and Ikelite Underwater Housing for sale


A complete underwater photography or video system based around the full-frame Canon 5DmkII and Ikelite waterproof housing. Photos taken by me on this system have been published in national magazines such as Sport Diver. When purchased with the lens, you have everything you need for shooting images or video while SCUBA diving, snorkeling, diving in the surf, or diving in a pool. It includes many accessories and ports for attaching the most common three lenses for underwater photography.

Note: This system is a complete package and I will not sell individual pieces. The only exception is that I’m selling it either with or without the 17-40mm zoom lens.

Price: SOLD

Contents and photos follow below. I have not done any photoshop “fixes” to remove scratches on any of the photos in this post, they are all straight out of the camera after color balance and cropping. Click any photo for a larger version.

Canon 5DmkII DSLR Camera

Left to Right: Canon 5DmkII camera body, Sandisk Extreme 32GB compact flash card, Canon battery charger, (2x) Canon LP-E6 Li-Ion batteries, Camera Case, Camera Strap

Canon’s 5DmkII is not only an amazing still camera, but reinvented digital video recording the moment it was released. It is a full-frame camera, meaning that the corners of your lens are not cropped so get get very close to your subject. This 21 megapixel camera has 9-point autofocus, 3.9FPS shooting, and full 1920 x 1080p video recording. The camera is in excellent condition. Shutter count is around 46k, expected lifespan is 350k, and some 5DmkII users have shutter counts of 8 million. I’m including a 32GB Sandisk Extreme compact flash card, two Canon LP-E6 batteries, the Canon battery charger, and the original strap. I’m also including a brand-new camera case.

Ikelite Underwater Housing

Left to Right Back: Strobe cable, Ikelite Housing for 5DmkII, Macro port, Dome port with shade, Dome port cover. Front: Macro port cover, wide angle extension, housing cover, spare mounting ball, Ikelike to Ikelite strobe cable.

The Ikelite housing for the 5DmkII is a lightweight, clear housing that lets you see everything that’s going on with the camera. It’s made of very rugged ABS plastic, the same used for car headlights, and weighs about half as much as metal housings. The housing is on a tray with handles and three 1″ balls for mounting a spotter light and two strobe arms. (Strobes and strobe arms are not included.)

Two strobe cables are included. One is a dual Ikelite to Nikonus cable that’s compatible with strobes from INON and Sea and Sea, for example. The other is a single Ikelite to Ikelite cable that’s compatible with their strobes. A flood alarm is also installed and tested (with my wet fingertip – the housing has not flooded.)

The dome port is in very good condition (no scratches) and includes a dome shade and port cover for protection. Two extension tubes are included with the dome port. One is for a wide zoom lens, like a Canon 16-35mm or 17-40mm lens. The other is for a fisheye lens, such as the Sigma 15mm lens. Four zoom rings are included to fit various lenses, like my optional 17-40mm.

Left to Right Back: Strobe cable, Ikelite Housing for 5DmkII, Macro port, Dome port with shade, Dome port cover. Front: Macro port cover, wide angle extension, housing cover, spare mounting ball, Ikelike to Ikelite strobe cable

The other port included is an Ikelite macro port.This is also in good condition and fits the Canon 100mm (non-IS) macro lens. It includes a cover to prevent scratches. A “wet lens” magnifier is also included, you can put this in front of the port while underwater for closer focusing on small subjects. Two flip adapters are included for super-macro adapters like those from SubSee and Nauticam. One is a single flip adapter from Subsee, the other is a dual flip adapter from The latter can be used with the Nauticam SMC-1 (not included.)

Other Ikelite accessories include 19 tubes of O-ring lube (a lifetime supply) and a spares kit including allen keys.

Canon 17-40mm f4/L lens with shade

For a “dive-ready” system, you can purchase this system with a 17-40mm zoom lens. This is a versatile lens for photographing large animals – sharks, sea lions, people, giant sea bass, dogs jumping in the pool, etc. I’ve found that it’s just as good as the much more expensive Canon 16-35mm at most settings. This lens is in great condition and includes the lens cap and optional sun shade (for use on land.)

Questions and Answers

Q: Why are you selling this system? 

A: I recently upgraded to the 5Dmk4 camera and this housing is not compatible with the new camera.

Q: Is this a good system for shooting surfers?

A: Yes, the 17-40mm lens with this system would be perfect for shooting in the surf. It is lightweight and the wide lens would get a great-looking shot.

Q: What else would I need to shoot underwater?

A: The system as-is (with the lens) would be great for natural light photos – wrecks, shallow water, dolphins, sharks. For shooting photos deeper underwater, I recommend an underwater strobe or two with strobe arms. For shooting video, add some underwater video lights. A shop like can help you with options for that.

Q: Can you train me how to use this? 

A: After purchase, I will spend time with you showing you how to assemble the system if you like. I can not dive with you because I am not an instructor and don’t have insurance for this. Most dive shops offer underwater photography classes, and you can look into local clubs like the Los Angeles Underwater Photo Society, of which I am a member.

Q: What lenses have you used with this system?

A: I have used the Canon 100mm macro (non-IS), Canon 17-40mm, and Sigma 15mm.

Sample Photos

Here are a few photos that I’ve taken with this camera, lens, and housing.

20110906_sharks_1094-2 20110906_sharks_0823a 20110906_sharks_0385-2 20110219_kona_0364 20110219_kona_0264-edit 20091024_catalina_254-edit 20090730_kona_0185 20090225_kona_0125 150428_bahamas_0285 20130831_squid2_047 

Use the contact form if interested in purchasing.

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