Finishing up

I spent the week finishing up a bunch of long-running projects. You’ve probably already seen the bookshelves on Anna’s page:


I was planning on taking better pictures of the finished units this weekend, but now that Anna’s let the cat out of the bag I’ll put them here.

I also finished up a clone of a UREI 1176 compressor that I’m very happy with, the G1176:


Click on the pic for more photos of that one. It’s an audio compressor, which controls the dynamics of a signal. It’s a standard in the audio industry, used on everything from Michael Jackson’s voice to Eddie Van Halen’s guitar.

Next up, a new desk. I’m planning a desk with built-in rack spaces, a recessed section for a keyboard, a 45 degree angle section for a mixer and a raised section for monitors and speakers. It should be pretty cool. I’ll probably wait until after the rainy season, though.

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Published on: 9 December 2005
Posted by: jlaity
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