Airplay, sort of

Yesterday I started building my new synth, mostly drilling panels and assembling switches. I clicked on an electronic music internet radio station called “Blue Hell” while I worked for inspiration, which turned out to be mostly beeps, boops and sound effects from synths. There was almost nothing tonal about the music coming out, but it was good enough background noise and usually not annoying. Eventually I went into the other room and tuned it out.

After a while I heard something that sounded like french horns. It was very different from everything else that they had played – a fax machine ring wouldn’t have sounded out of place – so I checked it out. I finally figured out that it was some of my music, “Not Meant to be Seen.” I assumed that the internet station had cut out and iTunes had moved to the next track, so I went in to reset it. It turns out that the station was playing my music, for some bizarre reason. It’s cool to hear my music played by someone who didn’t know me or click on my link. Unfortunately they didn’t credit me in the header, but I guess that’s life. It eventually went back to the experimental electronic music. I have no idea why they played it, but it was kinda cool for a minute or two.

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Published on: 31 December 2007
Posted by: jlaity
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